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 Roland Garros   Osaka Round 1 post-match interview | Roland-Garros 2024   Canal oficial en YouTube de Roland Garros   2024-05-26 / 16:53:05 
 Abierto de Australia   Rafael Nadal v Grigor Dimitrov Extended Highlights | Australian Open 2017 Semifinal   Canal del Abierto de Australia   2024-05-26 / 14:00:38 
 US Open Tennis Championships   Roger Federer vs. Tim Henman Full Match | 2004 US Open Semfinal   Canal oficial en YouTube del US Open   2024-05-26 / 15:00:26 
 WTA   Danielle Collins vs. Madison Keys | 2024 Strasbourg Final | WTA Match Highlights   Official Home of Women's Professional Tennis   2024-05-25 / 14:56:54 
 ESSENTIAL TENNIS   How to FLOW like FEDERER - Tennis Footwork Lesson   Here at Essential Tennis you will find countless video tennis lessons covering every possible part of the great game of tennis. Browse the hundreds of full motion and super slow motion pro clips of players   2024-05-25 / 13:57:21 
 TOP TENNIS Training   💥 Forehand Power 💥 From 10% to 100% Speed   Our mission at Top Tennis Training is to help you transform your tennis. Need help improving your tennis serve, tennis forehand, tennis backhand, tennis volleys or tennis tactics & strategy then we want to help you   2024-05-25 / 20:55:07 
 RacquetFlex   5 Tennis TACTICS To Win Your Next Match (Beginner's Guide)   LEARN. APPLY. WIN. Visit and subscribe to our newsletter for more valuable content.   2024-02-20 / 14:00:45 
 TENFITMEN tennis impulse   CORRECT SERVE - BODY TURN!👌 #tenfitmen #tennisserve #tennistips #tenniscoach   Our goal is to help tennis players and coaches around the world to improve their tennis game, fitness, mental strength and most importantly to motivate them to work harder every day and to follow their passion for tennis.   2024-05-26 / 12:54:37 
 Tennis Brothers   Picking Up My Highest Ranked Win In Antalya $15k | Singles   Lucian and Felix are tennis players. Think trying to become the best we can be in tennis but with added fun at the same time. Subscribe to our channel if you look for training and competition insights into what it takes to develop into a pro tennis player   2024-05-19 / 17:00:19 
 The Slice Tennis   2024 Roland Garros DRAW PREVIEW + PREDICTION | THE SLICE   THE SHOW for the TRUE TENNIS FAN to find unfiltered tennis commentary, opinion, and analysis. THE SLICE brings YOU closer to the ATP than any othe   2024-05-23 / 14:19:26 
 Operation Liftof   Sometimes, you just have to go for the ace. #asics   what it's like to be a professional tennis player who starts from the very bottom of the ATP World Tour (i.e. starting with zero points and playing Futures tournaments on the ITF Pro Circuit). Alex Donski (21 years old) is a professional tennis player (ATP rank: 585). Lazar Dokov (23 years old) is a guerrilla filmmaker (although also a high performance tennis player). Alex and Lazar are cousins. Alex made it to No. 92 in the ITF Junior Rankings in 2016   2024-05-25 / 09:20:05 

Canales de Tenis en Español.
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 AccesTenis by Yahir Alcolea   La DERECHA en tenis – los 6 ERRORES que DEBES corregir 🤜   AccesTenis es un proyecto que nace con el objetivo de hacer un tenis más accesible tanto para jugadores, entrenadores y aficionados.   2023-06-28 / 19:00:12 
 Daniel Spatz   Tennis Drills with Coach Daniel Spatz   Tutoriales en la cancha/pista con el experimentado Coach Argentino   2022-02-16 / 23:36:02 
 Sara Nogark   ¡Por esto la DEJADA es un GRAN GOLPE ! #tenis #deporte #dropshot   El tenis explicado en lo más básico con la personalidad de Sara   2024-05-26 / 13:34:07 

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 Liga Escalera | Ranking inicial de jugadores |    Ver Video    2024-02-28 / 21:51:30 
 Cambia tu contraseña asignada | Tenis y Pádel    Ver Video    2024-02-28 / 20:55:02 
 Retorno de Inversión US$39k en 15 meses | Crowdfunding 2024    Ver Video    2024-02-27 / 18:18:06 
 Crowdfunding Evolución 2024    Ver Video    2024-02-04 / 16:00:08 

Los 5 videos mas recientes de ATP tour channel en YouTube
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 No I don't think you understand, I'm OBSESSED 🤭    Ver Video    2024-05-26 / 11:36:18 
 Djokovic steals this point in Geneva!    Ver Video    2024-05-24 / 13:23:39 
 ⭐️M⭐️U⭐️S⭐️E⭐️T⭐️ T ⭐️I ⭐️ #Shorts    Ver Video    2023-06-14 / 16:51:11 
 Break Point | The Netflix Reunion    Ver Video    2023-05-15 / 13:46:46 
 H2H: Guess the Grunt | Part One    Ver Video    2023-03-01 / 17:21:59 


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